Reset Button

Starting over.

I was about to create a new blog, but I’m too damn lazy to try and come up with a new blog name. So I deleted all the previous entries from this one, and here we are. Unlike the last iteration that was roughly themed around my creative writing, this iteration has no theme. It will be more similar to my blog from college, though hopefully with fewer typos and less ennui. It will also be shorter-form for the most part. This post is already pushing the limits of my attention span.


What to expect.

I have no posting schedule and no particular plans for this blog. But if I were a betting man I’d say there will probably be a smattering of creative writing, some beer-related posts, a lot of geeky shit, and a dash of gratuitous profanity. Tomorrow I’ll probably post a baseline introduction; the who/what/how/where/when/why.



Because apparently “onwards” isn’t a word.


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