That Was Unexpected

I’m All-Powerful.

In the past 3 days since I posted my thoughts about Ray Rice, the NFL, and domestic violence this blog garnered almost 500 views. That’s a lot. Part of it was even paraphrased (and misinterpreted) on a local sports radio show. I guess that’s not so surprising since the Dennis & Callahan show is notorious for their many bigoted, racist, and sexist remarks in the past, but I guess kudos for trying?


This is just a quick post to say thanks to everyone who shared my thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon and so on. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it and shared it, and I’m happy about the discourse it created. I hope that once the Ray Rice story becomes old news that these discussion will not stop. As I stated in that other post, this problem goes well beyond one man, one league, or one incident. If we want to change the narrative on domestic violence in this country it is going to take everyone’s voice.

A Final Thought.

The video below is from Katie Nolan. It is incredibly well-done and worth your time to watch.