Obligatory New Year Post

Out with 2015 and in with 2016, or some shit.

I’ve never been a big fan of resolution posts or year-in-reviews, but I do think they serve a purpose for me as an assessment and plan. For you, this probably won’t do shit but it’s not my time you’re wasting by reading.

2015 was a pretty blase year. In 2014 I lost my girl, my dog, and my job then got a new job and a new dog. 2014 was a year in turmoil, 2015 was a year in neutral.

I coasted pretty easily through much of 2015 without much focus. I did get to do some cool shit – I went to St. Croix for the first time – and did a little traveling to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. A couple more friends got married, and I split a pair of pants on the dance floor. I brewed some beer, hung out with my dog, and did a smattering of writing, but all-in-all 2015 was a year little ventured and little gained.

With that in mind, I turn 30 in 2016. Probably a good time to get my life together. Unfortunately, I’m starting 2016 off with a cold; a rarity for me. It has, however, been a blessing in disguise as being a relative shut-in for the first 2-3 days of the year gives me a good amount of time to close out the book on 2015 and start game-planning for 2016. Part of the plan consists of micro-managing my time. I read an interesting article about being more productive in high school than after it, because time was so strictly managed. Having this kind of focus and structure is supposed to make it easier to get shit done, so I’m going to give it a try for a month and see how that goes.

I also got a new side gig for 2016 – more about which possibly in a later post – that will help me hold to a resolution to write more/publish more in 2016. I have a goal to write 200+ words a day; a relatively modest goal that is designed more to build a habit than it is to actually result in anything tangible (besides the odd blog post).

I’ll be starting a two-a-day regimen in the gym once this cold passes. I want to come out of the gate hard while the motivation is high, so that when the natural tapering off comes, I can drop the morning segments and still maintain afternoon gym sessions. A diet plan will go along with this, that includes cutting weekday drinking (exceptions for special events, dates, and homebrew club meetings) and a reduction in carbs, desserts, and red meat (focusing on higher quality red meats versus, say, burgers).

What else? More brewing (I’ll probably cover that in the homebrewing blog), and more reading. I’m setting modest goals of 20 beers and 10 books in 2016.

So there you have it. Sorry for the boring entry. I’ll try to write something angry or depressing next time for ya.


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