The Black Tapes

I’ve been listening to a podcast called The Black Tapes. It’s an incredibly well-done docudrama bit of radio theater. Think Serial for the supernatural. It’s my new obsession, which is ironic since I’ve generally been bored with this season of Serial. So I figured I’d offer it up as a recommendation to whoever still reads this blog and/or values my idiotic opinions on entertainment.

I also figured I’d offer some updates on 2016 (so far). I’ve dropped down to about 15.6% bodyfat with 10 days to go until my trip to St. Croix. That puts me less than 1% off my goal, so we’ll see if I can get there in time, but overall it’s been a fairly steady progress (decline) from around 18%. I haven’t done as many two-a-day sessions as I’d planned (getting up in the morning after training heavy/hard is difficult), but I have been doubling-up gym days with hockey games/skates.

I’ve brewed twice so far this year, with plans to brew again next week. There’s more details on my homebrewing blog, but the one beer that has been ready to serve came out fairly good and received solid praise and great feedback.

The side-gig I mentioned last time seems to have fallen through. I’m somewhat disappointed about this, but it doesn’t bother me much. The pay was never going to be good and it was going to take a big time commitment that I’d have more fun/interest in executing elsewhere. Missing out on this gig, though, has cut into my goal for writing this year. Though my interest with The Black Tapes has given me a lot of seeds for my fiction writing that delve into the supernatural and into horror.

Horror is interesting because it has never been a genre that has really interested me. I’m not well-versed in it, but I have been exploring some works in the Lovecraftian mythos including the new Alan Moore comic series, Providence. There’s a great blog that I’m going to start using while reading it so I don’t miss out on the details. Moore is an incredibly dense writer and doesn’t hold the reader’s hand. And sometimes I need my hand held.

I’ve at 4 of 10 books for the year so far, though I’ve sort of been cheating since 3 of those have been graphic novels. And I haven’t really been micro-managing my time like I said I would. Or updating this blog very frequently (shocking, I know). I do want to get more of my fiction completed and “out there;” not necessarily published but read.

Oh, and I’m kinda-sorta seeing someone. More about which (possibly) at a later date.