Waiting for Sushi

Well it’s that time of year again. The time of year where everything starts to get busy, my weekends are booked months in advance, and I realize – oh shit – I actually gained weight over the winter instead of losing it.

But today’s okay. I have a small reprieve from the busyness, mostly thanks to procrastination. So I figured I’d squeeze a blog post in here while I wait for my lunch to be delivered (yes, the title is more than just a clever title).

House Work

I’m working on my plans for the near-term Spring. I got my house re-sided in the late Fall, so that’s a huge step forward towards getting my house to finally be “completed.” Unfortunately, all the construction sort of wreaked havoc on my lawn. After last year’s hard work and expensive repairs it looks like I’ll be battling/re-seeding the lawn again this year. I also want to clean up the yard; it tends to accumulate trash as I’m a corner lot in a city. I’m finally going to powerwash, repair, and paint/stain the deck and fence. I’m going to go with white, because I think it will look nice against the blue house. I’m debating on painting or repainting the doors as well. They’re white now, but I was thinking of maybe doing something more bold.

There’s various other repairs that need doing, as well. I’ve got knob-and-tube wiring that needs to be replaced; there’s a few small areas that need to be drywalled; and of course there’s always painting to be done thanks to the damage from last year’s ice dams.

Beers, Kid

I’ll have more info on this over on the other blog, but I’ve got a big weekend of brewing planned. I’ll be making an amber ale for a competition and a barleywine as part of my club’s barrel-aging program. With Spring here and Summer close behind, I’ll also start dipping into my IPA recipes to try and hone one or two of those in for the warmer months when I tend to crave hoppy beers.

I’m also already blocking off weekends for beer events this summer. It’ll be my first time going to the National Homebrewer’s Convention (renamed Homebrew Con) and I’m looking forward to that. There’s also Beans N Brew the week after that, our club’s annual Summer party, the Homebrew Jamboree in September and a new event called BrewStock in August that I’ve just heard about recently.


I finished Season 2 of Daredevil and was thorough whelmed by it. It might have suffered from its binge-ability, but I felt like I wanted more out of everything going on. I think the idea of adding both Elecktra and Punisher to the new season made it a little too full. There wasn’t really enough time for either story to breathe, and I think they would’ve been better suited spacing each thread into different seasons. That said, it was still really good.

House of Cards was good, too, and I like how the story is coming together though it does get ridiculous at points. I can’t imagine more than one or two more seasons at this point. They’re setting up Frank Underwood to fall, but I’m more interested in what a man like that does when it’s all over. What is there for Frank Underwood after the presidency? I’m guessing he’s going to get a Walter White ending, but I’d be much more impressed if he didn’t.


Anyway, food’s here.