Increasing Efficiency

A lot of what I’ve been trying to accomplish in this – my thirtieth* – year boils down to increased efficiency. I am a prolific waster of time and energy. A good portion of that waste comes from my “night owl” tendencies, a bad habit I developed in high school.

The Problem with Sleep

I tend to stay up later into the night and then wake up as late as possible in the morning. Like most people’s sleep cycles, the feedback loop was reinforced and now I rarely go to bed before midnight or wake before 8am (except to feed my dog). This is a habit I’ve been trying to break this year, especially the sleep from hitting SNOOZE over and over is essentially worthless. I’ll never be the up-with-the-sunrise guy, but it would be nice to have a little time in the morning before I have to get to the day’s tasks/work.

What’s frustrating is I’ve found that I’m not making judicious use of my later hours (i.e. the hours I’m “gaining” by “losing” the early morning ones). If I were to read before bed (or update this blog like I am now), I’d feel not as bad about losing part of the morning. Instead I’m watching a “Let’s Play” on YouTube.

Marked Improvements

Which isn’t to say I’ve been a complete and utter failure this year. In fact, I’ve made a lot of strides towards my goals for the year.

I’m down to 15.5% bodyfat and continuing to lose weight. This has been a fix of eating healthier (another goal) and going to the gym more frequently (yet another goal). Switching to the boxing gym has definitely increased my cardio and made workouts difficult for me in a way they hadn’t when I was weightlifting. That’s been a big help in losing the weight, as I’ve been consistently been burning between 800-1000kcal per session, and have been doing between 4-6 times per week, usually on the higher end of both. Both those targets are better than when I was weightlifting with about the same time investment.

I’ve been brewing more beer, too. Today I brewed my 7th batch of the year and probably about 40 gallons for far for the year. I am hoping to get to 20 batches and 100 gallons this year, and I’m slightly behind on that goal, but I do tend to brew more often in the Spring, Summer, and Fall than in the Winter. I probably won’t hit that goal, mostly because I’ll run out of storage capacity (both in kegs and in liver/bladder), but I do expect to hit at least 14/80 numbers this year. This will by far and away be my most productive year as a brewer, and I’m going to start seriously entering competitions. But that’s something I should talk about on the other blog.

Speaking of blogs, I’ve also been updating them all more often. I have goals to write about 300 words a day and try to update the blogs more often. My initial goal was 50 total blog posts for the year and 75k words written. Adding up the word counts is a little much, but I’m probably only around 15k so far. I’d have to retally the blog count, but I’m probably just shy of 20 including this post.

What’s This About Again?

Anyway, this is just kind of a personal update. I haven’t been making anywhere near as much progress on my creative writing as I would’ve liked. A lot of that is probably due to my limited bandwidth/willpower on any given day. This is a big reason my word count goal is so low. Summer is set up to be a very busy time for me this year, so I don’t know how much writing I’ll be able to get down over the next few months, but I do want to recommit myself to writing as the Summer winds down. I may attempt NaNoWriMo this year if I’m not too busy, which would probably help me reach that word count goal, but we’ll see. Perhaps I’ll take my spare moments over the next few months prepping and outlining for November and try to buckle down in that month.

Alright time to try to get to bed a little earlier…

* Technically speaking age 0 to 1 is year one. I turn 30 in August.