Free Reads: “Cool Air” by HP Lovecraft

So I’ve decided to start a weekly segment for this blog called “Free Reads.” The idea is simple: I try to find a short story that I enjoyed that is available for free online. That way I can offer it to you without burdening you to make a purchase.

The first “Free Read” is “Cool Air” by HP Lovecraft. Lovecraft is famous for his work in horror fiction, and the creation of the Cthulhu mythos. He was from Providence, RI which might mean something for fellow native New Englanders. Lovecraft was also well-known as a homophobe, racist, and anti-Semite. The amount to which that may or may not affect your appreciation of his work is a personal choice that I would not impinge upon, but bears mentioning – at least to me – along with any recommendations of his work.

“Cool Air” is a horror story, but not the way we would think of it now. It has a Shyamalan-esque ending which astute readers will see coming, but is still an enjoyable read for those with vivid imaginations. I won’t spoil it any further; here is the appropriate link: Cool Air.