Drinking/Blogging – A Wednesday Tradition Unlike Any Other

So let’s start by saying I’m nowhere near as blasted as last time. I’m drinking a poor man’s Old Fashioned (Ezra Brooks bourbon with a heavy hand of Angostura Bitters and a pinch of sugar) and watching Evolution of Punk – a mini-documentary on CM Punk’s journey to his UFC debut later this month.

Drinking $14 bourbon out of Waterford Crystal is a metaphor for… I dunno… something.

It’s been a whirlwind the last few weeks. I can’t imagine how busy my life would be with a job that required a commute and my full attention from 9am to 5pm. My job being slow right now allows me to devote more time to my writing and to doing other hobby-related stuff that would’ve fallen by the wayside. Boxing, writing, homebrewing (mostly the cleaning, maintenance and prep work stuff)… one of them would’ve had to give. So here’s hoping the changes coming in the future don’t fuck with that too much.

On the boxing front, well, CM Punk’s a worse striker than me, so that’s going pretty well. They’ve started adding strength and conditioning classes on Tuesdays and Thursday, which are fucking brutal. They’ve also added sparring on Thursday night for $10. I’m thinking about stepping in there and getting my ass kicked one of these days. Not tomorrow though; don’t wanna show up for my girlfriend’s birthday with my face looking like an old catcher’s mitt.

The writing’s going well, too. I’m doing a lot of prep-work for a novel. My main problem is maintaining focus. So you know the old adage “write what you know?” I read something about how what it “really means” is incorporate what you know and do best into the story you want to tell. What I do best is consulting. So I create a full-fledged project plan to write this fucking thing. Gantt chart and everything. By my (very lenient) plan, it should be written by August of next year. We’ll see.

It’s funny. I’m really happy with where 2016 has taken me. That’s not something I’m used to saying (err, typing). I met my girlfriend in mid-January, went to St. Croix, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, started boxing, started writing in earnest, read 13 books so far, got a raise at work, had an article published in a local magazine… it’s been a good year and there’s still 3 months left.

I turned 30 since I last posted here. I’m just now starting to grow into the adult suit that I put on in 2012 when I bought my house. I haven’t quite got it tailored yet, but I’m filling it out a little more each day. And that’s something. For a blog (and by extension, a guy) that focuses a lot on death, depression, failure and ennui… this is all pretty good.

Stay tuned to see how I fuck it up.