About Me


Vinny thinks that bios written about one’s self in the third person come off as incredibly pretentious. Vinny is a management/strategy consultant by trade, which is to say he’s good at creating PowerPoints, navigating Excel, and using both to tell people they’re doing their jobs incorrectly. 13393894_937415022358_358972022460637011_n

Vinny enjoys writing (the main purpose of this blog), drawing, boxing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and homebrewing; he loathes talking about himself in the third person. You can find examples of the media and hobbies he enjoys on the Interests page.

About the Anti-Heroic Epic

This blog started as a public journal to chronicle my various thoughts and emotions; the ones that I felt the need to unburden from myself. As I’ve come back towards writing more frequently, it now includes some musings to that end as well as some of my fiction.


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